GRNConnect Hotel API Integration Company

GRN Connect, a Leading online hotel booking portal that offers over 500000 hotels across the world along side facilities to book transfers and different looking at tours as well.

grnconnect api integration company

Travel agent partners across the world who want to offer the GRN connect rates through their own hotel website may do so by using a direct GRN Connect Super Quality XML API (Application Programming Interface). This connection (GRN Connect XML API) can be integrated into existing website portals and customized according to the agent's own needs. The application interface is beautifully designed to enable real-time communication between travel agents and the GRN connect server by using XML/Json formatted data. Travel Agents can customize (Search Page, Hotels Result Page, Booking Page, Color Combinations etc.) the way they display raw data received by GRN XML API, such as hotel information, destination lists, location and room availability.