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We are the leading Bulk Email Service Provider Company in Delhi/NCR, offering Email Marketing services at affordable rates. We offer web-based email marketing application that takes in everything one needs to create, send and track his email campaigns. We focus on providing a cost-efficient business solution to our valuable clients, so do we offer in-built email template editor and provide real-time delivery report from our web-based bulk email service application.

We bring concrete results to marketers all around the world with our Email Campaign Services; we design, build, deploy and complete each aspect of email marketing campaigns.

Moreover our Bulk Emailing package is laden with all the features which are presently available in the industry. To keep up ourselves as best Bulk Mailing Service Provider Company in Delhi/NCR, we use particular IPs rotation technology and other anti-spamming systems to make sure utmost Inbox delivery.

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We control your budgets and provide maximum ROI.


We offer bespoke support on request through internet and telephone.


We have 10+ years of experience in email marketing

Most Affordable

We specialize to provide the best and most affordable emails services in the market.

Benefits to Our Bulk Emails Services Application


Bounce Email Management:

When you send big amount of emails, large numbers of emails get bounced with a number of reasons like invalid email ID, Inbox full and so on. Here we can handle properly all the bounced bulk emails.


Email Open Report:

At our bulk emailing application, we may promise our clients to get a detailed report of how many people are opening or reading their bulk email messages. In total, this report assists them to analyze the effectiveness of their bulk email marketing.


Subscribe and Unsubscribe Ability:

With our bulk mailing application, we may promise our clients to manage the subscription and un-subscription request correctly. Every email sending from our bulk mail application contains one un-subscription link. If someone want to un-subscribe bulk email of our clients, then s/he can simply do it by a simple click on the un-subscription link shown in the bottom side of their bulk email message.


Click Tracking Reports:

We are pleased to bring in vision one of the most advanced feature of our bulk mailing services. In short, one may get a thorough report of how many people are visiting his website from the bulk emails that he sends from our bulk mailing application. Truly this report provides our clients a better knowledge about their bulk email marketing.

20+ Countries


400+ Websites


60+ Suppliers


50+ API Partners


Over 10 Years Experience


100+ Features

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