eWeblink Technology is Travel Portal/Software Development Company for B2B and B2C Travel Portals which has reputation and good will because of its work. We are dedicated towards our work and promise to deliver quality services to our clients. We have 7+ year of experience in travel portal development, by offering a website to represent your company we promise you to assist in your business development.

We offer you B2B & B2C travel portal development solution which means business to business and business to client. For more business growth it is necessary to expand it across the globe, it can provide you a better ratio of customers. We are having a specialist and experienced team to develop customized B2B and B2C travel portal for your organization. eWeblink Technology which has all the skills to do good and smart coding to give you fast running tool to grow your business.

We as a online travel portal company, we offer b2b travel portal development services to online b2b travel agency in india. Our travel portal consists of GDS/third party API Integration for Flight booking, Hotel booking and Car booking services. We offer all kind of travel portal solutions for b2b travel agency across the planet.


  • Create a new B2B user.
  • Set a threshold deposit for each B2B agent. This deposit amount will restrict B2B agents to book more than the specified amount in a given amount.
  • When an agent nears his deposit an automated email is shot to him and the admin.
  • If an agent is not able to make a booking an email is sent to admin notifying the same.
  • We should be able to manage every B2B account i.e. deposits change the deposit amount or completely block access to a B2B agent
  • Agents can use their own logo and Agency Title
  • Can add markups in the same way
  • Can search for hotels
  • Can run their Booking reports/Cancellation Reports
  • Can view their Profits
  • Can view their Deposits
  • Can make a new reservation
  • Can Send Queries to Superadmin from within their page
  • Automated Cancellations/Modifications: The agents can cancel or edit hotel bookings from this page but this feature is locked by default and can be activated by super admin for each B2B agent.


  • Create a new B2C user from backend
  • View their account details/Bookings/Cancellations etc
  • Activate/Deactivate any account
  • Edit account info for any B2C user
  • The support module while making a booking can import details from here i.e. if a B2C user has an account and they send a request to make a booking we should be able to pick the required info from here.
  • Can View Their Bookings
  • Can share their itinerary on social media
  • Can manage their account info
  • Print/Email their itinerary
  • Cancellations/Modifications : The B2C Clients can cancel or edit hotel bookings from this page but this feature is locked by default and can be activated by super admin for all B2C clients

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