What kind of hosting is needed for my new website ?

A dedicated server as we know is its own computer mainframe in a remote location. You can store whatever kinds of files you want to and then run whatever applications you need . This is opposed to what is called "shared" hosting, where on one remote server, there is only one operating system running .It allows you to store your files and application in a section of its disk space while others store theirs in other sections. Also dedicated servers are a lot more expensive to maintain than shared hosting accounts, but there is a solution to this. And the solution is called as a "VPS".

When you are sharing a virtual private server with the main server, they carry out a number of tasks and functions, which would not happen with the main server. But using a VPS, you can easily install a number of various systems and programs. You will also get multiple Internet protocols from the main server.

This a type of managed hosting which uses Windows operating system for its server. Linux is mostly used by people who know how to program, build, maintain, and manage their servers manually without having to rely on the any technical support team. Though many public and private servers use Linux but comparatively Windows is easier to use and is automatically updated, making it easier for you to manage your server. When it comes to maintaining your server you also get to share responsibilities with your hosting provider. This advantage often comes with most of the managed VPS hosting packages.

Mail Server Used by You

It is a well known fact that computer applications and internet has made a great impact on our lives. It is with the help of internet we are able to communicate with people who are far away from us very easily by sending and receiving e-mails just at a click of a mouse. But have you ever thought how you are being able to communicate via e-mails so easily? Actually, all this is possible with the help of SMTP Mail Server. SMTP Servers can be located anywhere, but if it is connected to your system then all the e-mails shall be sent and received through this server. Further, if there is a good quality SMTP server installed in your system then the process of sending and receiving e-mails become easier and faster making the communication smoother.

Today, internet has become a great platform for online marketing or internet marketing. There are various ways and channels through which internet marketing is possible. Among them the most popular way of internet marketing is e-mail marketing. In e-mail marketing, large numbers of e-mails are sent to the people for promotional and advertising purposes. Hence, in order to send bulk messages it is very important to have a good SMTP Mail Server.

SMTP Servers help in making the procedure of sending mails faster and smoother. Therefore, if you are interested in making use ofe-mail marketing for the promotion of the products and services offered by you then you must get a high quality SMTP server installed. This is so because it is commonly believed that with the help ofe-mail marketing it is possible to target large numbers of people. By sending same e-mail to many people can help the company in receiving some positive results because when a customer gives a response to that e-mail the company official gets a chance to communicate with him or her directly.


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