What is Link Popularity ?

An incoming link from a good PR site and with a good anchor text can drive traffic to our web site and also it increases the PR of your site as well. The Link Popularity is equal to votes for you web site. How many links you have from other web sites are the votes you get for your web site? If you have more quality, relevant incoming links to your page, the chances are more that the major search engines will rank your page.

The higher number of inbound links on your websites ensures the higher link popularity for you. So to be among the top ten sites on a search engine results like Google, you have to have good link popularity. Link popularity can drastically be increased by adding a number of quality links to your websites.

The links indicate the popularity of your website. Apart from the number of links, the quality of links matters a lot. The quality links or the popular links in your website indicates greaterlink popularity for you. You can adopt a link popularity service to enhance the link popularity of your website.

How Google Calculates A Site's Page Rank ?

The rank that your web page has will play an important role in how people find your site. Your page rank will determine if your business appears on the first page of a search query. We all know that being on the first page makes all the difference when it comes to web traffic. There are already billions of web pages out there and millions more being created every day. How do you get people to find your site and not that of your competitor? The answer is by having a high page ranking, which will help your overall web presence. Your page rank is just one of the many factors that will help your web presence and is just a small piece of the overall puzzle. Understanding what factors will increase your page rank and will benefit you.

Page rank is based upon the incoming number of links that you have to your page. This is why back linking is so important. As a business owner you will need to understand that it is not just a numbers game. The page rank is determined by the number of links that is coming in, but the quality of the links also matters. The page rank of your site is based on the rank of each page separately. It will not rate the website as whole, but will rate each page separately. So this is something to keep in mind when you are creating back links.

he Google page rank will be in the form of a number from 0-10. Google actually uses a complex algorithm to come up with the exact number. It has been said that each page rank is slightly harder to reach the next level. The factors that influence how your page ranks are primarily about the links that you have coming back to your site. Spend time building your links with quality sites and this will increase your page rank. Google will calculate the page rank once every few months, so it may take some time to see your rank go up. There are other ways that you can see if your marketing campaigns are working. Using tools such as Google Analytic will let you see where your traffic is coming from. Even though Google may take a while to update, you will still be able to see if your back links are increasing your traffic.


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