How to Set Up an Online Ecommerce Store?

Online Ecommerce stores are gaining popularity these days. Their business is achieving exceptional heights. The reason behind their success is the lack of time that people in the present world have. Busy folks didn't have time to shop, for them ecommerce stores have been a boon. Many such stores have come up and are running successfully.

We present you steps that are involved in setting up of an online ecommerce store

Step 1 : Acquire a Domain Name or web address
The first and foremost thing is to acquire a domain name that in other words means to decide upon your identity. This will be the web address that will let the visitors reach your store.

Step 2 : Register with a Web Hosting Company
This will be the second step in your course of action, to select a web hosting company that will provide your domain name a space on its server to display the online store.

Step 3 : Design Your Online Store
This is the most integral step as all the progress of the store depends on its proper designing. These are few points that have to be taken into consideration before you create your online store.

  • Plan out before hand the number of products that you have to display.
  • Check whether you have product pictures and if they can be scanned
  • The prices of the products and any kind of discounts or offer you wish to provide.
  • Check whether you could provide shipping details like Product ID, Price, Item Number, Weight and Description.

For an online store it is obligatory to have a shopping cart: software that enables the buyers to place their orders online. This cart stores all the input information like product price, tax details, shipping details, etc.

Step 4: Handle the payment system
Every online store has a payment gateway service that is linked to a financial institution. The payments made through credit cards are processed by these institutions. If you don't have an option of processing credit cards then you have to take service from online merchants like Paypal. If you can process credit cards by your own, then you first have to confirm from your bank whether they accept internet orders.

Step 5 : Promote your store
Once the store is ready, the next and final step is to promote it. Without proper promotion there will possibly be no growth. Various advertizing options are available like print media, T.V., Radio, flyers, newspapers, etc.


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