How can i make changes in my website ?

1) The advantages of blogs from a search engine optimization view point. This occurs automatically with the use of the correct plugins because each time you make a post the search engines are automatically pinged or informed that there is new, fresh content on your site and their robots will come and check it out. If your content is good and of benefit to searchers on the search engines you will be rewarded with free traffic from searchers.

2) Flexibility and ease of use are also huge factors with the ability to change themes, which dictate the look and feel of your site, with the click of a button.

3) Speed - the speed with which you can have a site up and running with a blog platform like WordPress means that you can set up a blog in an hour..and have it indexed within a day. This sort of speed and flexibility and ease of use means that in an industry like internet marketing where time is money and the fleet of foot and thought are rewarded.


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